Thursday, March 25, 2010

Endocrine System Powerpoint

So, I've finally finished my PowerPoint for the Endocrine System and wanted to share it with you! Let me know if I need to add any more information. :-)

Not much has been happening around here, school wise. The kids (yes, all 4 of them) and my husband, Nate, were all ill last week and it was a madhouse around here. Fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea are never fun to deal with. *sigh*

My second lab practical in Anatomy & Physiology 102 is on Saturday and I've been studying my butt off. I'm also retaking the TEAS this coming Monday 03/29/2010 and I'm nervous about that. Hopefully, I will make a higher score this time.

Check out the menu on the right and enjoy! BTW, for some reason the pictures look strange in Google Docs, but when you download it, the pics look great!


Michael said...

You need one for the respiratory system.. don't forget it...Unfortunately it's going to be on the test to!!

Tara said...

It was down to crunch time, but I got it finished and uploaded to share!

Best of luck to you (and me, too) tomorrow!