Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wow...What a Journey!

Things have changed in the past couple of years. I'm no longer in the nursing program I wrote about previously. I made the decision to switch schools and start over and let me tell ya, it was a difficult choice! However, all logic and self preservation pointed toward switching schools & I'm glad I decided to do it.

So, I won't be a nurse for a couple more years, but...I will be one!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had an appointment with my advisor this morning to set up my schedule. I'd planned on getting up around 8 (the appt was at 9:30a) so I could wash my hair, get pretty, etc. It takes about 25 minutes to get to the school from my house. Well.....that didn't exactly happen.

My alarm either didn't go off or I didn't hear it because I woke up on my own at 9:05a!!!! I was already stressed and kind of ticked off. I threw on clothes (thank goodness I took a bath the night before!), ran the toothbrush w/toothpaste over my teeth for about 30 secs (2 minutes be damned when you're in a hurry! Sorry teeth!), grabbed my info and drove like a bat out of hell to the school! I arrived about 4 minutes late and she'd already taken another student back to get her schedule. How I managed to make it to the school in 15-18 minutes without getting a ticket, I'll never know but forever be grateful for!

Anyway, I got back there and explained the situation. The advisor was very nice about it and our meeting was finished within 5-10 minutes. I received the schedule that I wanted (yay!) and now I'm signed up for classes. I have Monday's off the first 5 weeks of classes and starting in September I'll have Fridays off when we start our Med/Surg courses and clinicals. I can't wait! I've already bought a pair of shoes (I'll post a link at the bottom) and I love them! They aren't very pretty, but they feel absolutely amazing on my feet! I tried the NurseMate's as well (one Landau on one foot and a NurseMate on the other lol) while walking around the store, but my feet fell in love with the Landau. I think I'm going this weekend to look into buying a stethoscope, penlight, and rolling backpack.
I wish all of you who are waiting to get into nursing school luck! I'll be posting more of my journey, don't worry. I've just been bogged down with summer classes. I have a few Micro study notes that I plan to post when I get around to it. Talk to you soon!

Landau Comfort Shoes (AMAZING!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I made it!

You are now reading the words of a student nurse, woohoo!!! I'm so darn excited that I can barely stand it. I received my letter on at the beginning of June and I've been getting things done since then (along with doing work for 4 summer classes! whew!). I had orientation on June 16th where I found out about costs, etc. Once I have all the paperwork completed, a physical, professional CPR, and all vaccinations (if needed), I'll make an appointment with my advisor to get my schedule. I can't wait!!!!

I'll update more later. Have a great day!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Waiting is Driving Me Mad!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever, but finals kicked my butt and I've been waiting on the acceptance/rejection letters from my school's nursing program. They are supposed to be mailed out on or before May 30th and some campus' received their letters yesterday. The scores for that campus were so high that I'm really, really nervous. I think I wrote before how my school decides admittance into the program, but I'll go into it again.
Acceptance or denial is based on the total scores received in the four prerequisite classes of English, Psychology, and A&P I and II. The grades are scored like this:
A = 30 points
B = 20 points
C = 10 points
Anything less is unacceptable. ;-)
These points are added with the TEAS score to get the total points available. If you live in one of the counties that the campus deems 'in region' then you receive 3 extra points.
So, I received all A's in the prerequisite classes which gives me 120 points. I made an 87 on the TEAS giving me a total score of 207. My county is not deemed 'in region' even though I'm only about 15 minutes away from campus, so I did not get those extra 3 points. The highest score you can get is 223 points and the highest score that I've seen is a 219 which means that person is definitely in the program (and I'm glad she was at another campus!).
However, the scores for the campus that received their letters already was very high, with the lowest score for the RN program being 207 and the highest score for the LPN program being 207. So, I'm worried that I won't make the cut for the RN program. I should have my letter by next week, though, so wish me luck!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A&P 101 Notes

Anyone interested in a little extra A&P 101 help? I've got some notes that I typed out for Chapters 8-12 of Marieb Human Anatomy and Physiology that I'm adding for anyone who needs them. I've also added a few from the first chapters along with some blank pictures to label. I found the ear, eye, neuron, and skin at, the rest I have typed, scanned, etc. You can find them on the menu to the right!

Have an awesome day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quizzes, papers, exams, and finals, oh my!!

Took the last lab practical in A&P 102 today and guess who rocked it? Oh yeah! I did even better than last time with a 103/100! Woohoo! I'm so happy because that means I only have to make an 80% on the final to keep my A!!!! I didn't find out what my grade was until about an hour or so ago and I literally danced all over the living room and pc area. My kids thought I was crazy, lol. I can barely contain my excitement, can you tell?
On a less happy note, we received our scores from last week's lecture exam and I made 105/120. Ouch. A couple of the questions were strange because of the way they were worded and I wasn't very happy that I missed them. Oh well, I guess. I can make it up on the final (hopefully).
Tonight I'm finishing up my last two credit quizzes in chemistry so I will be completely finished with that class, which makes me very, very happy. It also looks as though I'll end up with an A unless I bomb those two quizzes (my fingers are crossed). I have a formal report left in Technical Writing, but that's a cinch if you're good at writing papers. The final for A&P 101 is Monday and I've barely studied, which I'm worried about, but I only need a 68.5% to keep the A in that class and since I have to have at least 60% to even PASS, a few more points should be easy, yeah? That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
I hope everyone is doing great!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Chapter 22 - Reproductive System Lab PowerPoint Up!

I just finished up the PowerPoint on the Reproductive System, Chapter 22 in Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology. You can grab it from the menu to the right. I'll be working on meiosis and fetal development next, then I'm done.

Update #1: The Meiosis PowerPoint is finished, woohoo!

Update #2: The Fetal Development PowerPoint is finished and so am I, woohoo!!! I'm happy to be done with these, but I have to admit, I'm feeling VERY well prepared for the lab practical tomorrow!

Update #3: I changed the PowerPoints to .pdf documents to make it easier. You can find them all on the menu to the right! And....I'm definitely done now!