Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quizzes, papers, exams, and finals, oh my!!

Took the last lab practical in A&P 102 today and guess who rocked it? Oh yeah! I did even better than last time with a 103/100! Woohoo! I'm so happy because that means I only have to make an 80% on the final to keep my A!!!! I didn't find out what my grade was until about an hour or so ago and I literally danced all over the living room and pc area. My kids thought I was crazy, lol. I can barely contain my excitement, can you tell?
On a less happy note, we received our scores from last week's lecture exam and I made 105/120. Ouch. A couple of the questions were strange because of the way they were worded and I wasn't very happy that I missed them. Oh well, I guess. I can make it up on the final (hopefully).
Tonight I'm finishing up my last two credit quizzes in chemistry so I will be completely finished with that class, which makes me very, very happy. It also looks as though I'll end up with an A unless I bomb those two quizzes (my fingers are crossed). I have a formal report left in Technical Writing, but that's a cinch if you're good at writing papers. The final for A&P 101 is Monday and I've barely studied, which I'm worried about, but I only need a 68.5% to keep the A in that class and since I have to have at least 60% to even PASS, a few more points should be easy, yeah? That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
I hope everyone is doing great!!

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