Sunday, May 2, 2010

A&P 101 Notes

Anyone interested in a little extra A&P 101 help? I've got some notes that I typed out for Chapters 8-12 of Marieb Human Anatomy and Physiology that I'm adding for anyone who needs them. I've also added a few from the first chapters along with some blank pictures to label. I found the ear, eye, neuron, and skin at, the rest I have typed, scanned, etc. You can find them on the menu to the right!

Have an awesome day!


PJ said...

Hi Tara!!!

I'm new here, I just saw your blog posted over at allnurses last week or so. I really appreciate you sharing your experiences as you go through this journey.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am taking A&P 1 this summer and I would love to see what notes you have. I thank you for being so willing to help!!

Tara said...

Hey, PJ, how are ya?

You are very, very welcome! I hope that my notes/experiences can definitely help someone else as others information have definitely help me!

I'll look through my stuff to see if I have any more notes, but I think the rest is stuff that I've picked up here and there. I wouldn't know the exact place where I got them, so I wouldn't want to post them without giving thanks, etc. BUT, if I do find something, I'll definitely post it up!

Good luck in A&P1 this summer. Are you taking it online or in the classroom?