Friday, May 21, 2010

The Waiting is Driving Me Mad!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever, but finals kicked my butt and I've been waiting on the acceptance/rejection letters from my school's nursing program. They are supposed to be mailed out on or before May 30th and some campus' received their letters yesterday. The scores for that campus were so high that I'm really, really nervous. I think I wrote before how my school decides admittance into the program, but I'll go into it again.
Acceptance or denial is based on the total scores received in the four prerequisite classes of English, Psychology, and A&P I and II. The grades are scored like this:
A = 30 points
B = 20 points
C = 10 points
Anything less is unacceptable. ;-)
These points are added with the TEAS score to get the total points available. If you live in one of the counties that the campus deems 'in region' then you receive 3 extra points.
So, I received all A's in the prerequisite classes which gives me 120 points. I made an 87 on the TEAS giving me a total score of 207. My county is not deemed 'in region' even though I'm only about 15 minutes away from campus, so I did not get those extra 3 points. The highest score you can get is 223 points and the highest score that I've seen is a 219 which means that person is definitely in the program (and I'm glad she was at another campus!).
However, the scores for the campus that received their letters already was very high, with the lowest score for the RN program being 207 and the highest score for the LPN program being 207. So, I'm worried that I won't make the cut for the RN program. I should have my letter by next week, though, so wish me luck!

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crazy4cocoa said...

Hey Tara...Soooo Did you get in?? I've been crossing my fingers for you all the way out here in California....Every since we dicussed the teas test back in March..I am waiting to here from a school but we won't know until Mid July. Anyway...I hope you are nursing bound. I am taking my CNA license test tomorrow. It gives me something to do while waiting to get in :)