Friday, February 26, 2010

If You Don't Use It, You Don't (Necessarily) Lose It

Can you name all these?

This week has been a little crazy. I feel like I've been all over the place and back again. My housework is suffering some, but I know, in the long run, it's definitely worth it.

The midterm for my anatomy class is due by Monday 03/08 and it's over 7 chapters, which is a lot, especially if you're like me and have problems getting anything to do with Chemistry to sink in. Chapter 2 in the textbook deals with basic chemistry, molecules, mixtures, compounds, reactions, and bonds along with biochemistry such as ionic compounds and organic compounds. Chapter 3 is about the cells: structure, function, growth, and developmental aspects. These two chapters are amazingly difficult for me to 'get' and it's so frustrating. The other chapters have quite a bit of memorization (what type of tissue is where in the body, anatomy, type, structure, and development of bones, and all of the bones - head and body) and I'm stressed and worried.

I actually took this class last semester and didn't get a grade that I feel is high enough to get into the Nursing Program, so I'm retaking it. Last semester, I did great until the midterm and I totally whiffed it. I was so disappointed in myself, mainly because I'm so used to doing well in anything academic related that I didn't apply myself as much as I should have. In all honesty, I didn't study much because I don't really know how to study. I've never had to, so not doing well in this class was a wake up call (I passed, but not with an A and I don't like it!)

So, I've been studying my butt off since the weekend, trying to get this stuff into my head. Some of it is sinking in and some of it I'm still having trouble with. It seems like my day is a never-ending cycle of wake up, take kids to school, change and feed the baby, put the baby down for a nap, study, clean, pick the kids up, feed them, clean, and study some more once they are in bed. I did take a day off this week, but I now wish that I hadn't because I have absolutely got to get this stuff down!

Also, I recently took the TEAS test (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and I didn't do as well as I thought that I should have. Can you tell that I'm a bit of a Type A personality at times? This test plays an important role in whether I make it into the Nursing program or not. The school bases entrance on points and these points are reflected by your grades (A = 30 pts, B = 20 pts, C = 10 pts, anything below a C and you're not getting in) and by the score that you receive on the TEAS test. So, to be competitive, I need to make all A's and make at least an 85% adjusted score on the TEAS; however, I'm going for a score more in the 90% range. Since I don't live in the county, I won't get the extra 3 points that others will get and I need to make up for that somehow. See, no stress for me at all, right?

On a good note, I found out that I'm on the Dean's List, which is awesome! I also received a letter inviting me to join the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa due to outstanding academic achievement. This made me very emotional and it felt really good. I've been out of school for years, so it was nice to know that if you 'don't use it, you don't lose it' instead of the other way around. Also, it was nice to show my children that I'm doing well. I'm doing things backwards when it comes to life. I had my children first and now I'm going to college. It's wonderful to be able to show them (the kids) that you can accomplish your dreams, no matter what age you are!

Sorry for the big long post, but I need to let off steam somewhere. I hope all of you have an amazing, wonderful, blessed day!


Bio 32 Delta Knudsen said...

Soo..How did you do on the teas? I am a prenursing student in Northern Cal taking the exam on April 1 2010 and worried that I will need to know those formulas for the geometry section! Back to the book, nice blog!

Tara said...

I'm taking them on the 29th (2 days, OMG!) and I'm hoping that I'll do better than I did the first time (I made an 83%).

The math section wasn't that bad, it was the science that killed me!

crazy4cocoa said...

Well Good Luck! Let me know how it goes. The higher we score the more points we get too, but we only have 1 chance!

Tara said...

Oh no, that would stink! It's definitely different from most tests that I've taken and the science section is kind of all over the place. Be sure to brush up on biology, physics, and chemistry...there was quite a bit of that on my exam as well as exams of friends. I'm sure you will do great!

How are things in Cali? I've read that it's very hard to get into nursing school out that way!

crazy4cocoa said...

Yeah...the competition is pretty crazy..Our school goes by a point system, so if your not at the top of the food chain forget it! I got a B in Physio an A in Anatomy and an A in Micro, my degree will be complete this semester and my getting in is all riding on this test. The other school go by lottery but you still have to have a min GPA of 3.0 and their is about 800 apps a semester with only 40-60 accepted.

Which state are you from? How is it there, if its any better I might have to go your way! LOL! Thanks for the Tips...I'm working on the Science the rest of the night! Then I will do one of those pretest tomorrow!

Tara said...

Hey Cassie! Wow, 800 apps a semester, that's crazy! And, I thought it was competitive here lol. How many prereqs do you have to have before you get in, etc, etc? We have 4, ANP 1&2, English, and Psych. I'm finishing up ANP102 right now and retaking 101 at the same time, so I'm feeling a little crazy!

I'm in Indiana. It's not nearly as competitive, though there are about 200 (I'm guessing, you can give or take some) apps that come through. A perfect score would be 223 and the highest I've heard of is a 219, but thank goodness that wasn't at my campus! The highest I've heard so far at my campus is 210, I think, and that was a couple of semesters ago. The highest I've heard this semester is 204, but I'm kind of always doing schoolwork, so I don't get out much!! ;-)

They only let approx 60 in each semester, so it really depends on the applicant pool. That's why I'm shooting for a 90. People who live in the county get an extra 3 pts added onto their scores, so someone who made a lower score on the TEAS could get in before me, which sucks. So...if I get a 90 and all A's, I'll have a 210. While I prefer a 220, of course, LMAO, I would settle for that.

Oh! Be sure to know your conversions; kg to lbs, feet to meters, C to F, etc, etc!

Tara said...

I seem to be hearing a lot according to my previous post. LOL....I didn't read it before posting and it sounds hilarious! ;-)

crazy4cocoa said...

Well Tara I just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow on THE Test! No pressure, go in with the attitude that you are a Genius, like you know your are and you will get 100%

Have a great day!


Tara said...

Thanks, Cassie!! Good luck on your exam and let me know how you do! I'm sure you will rock it!